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Student Organizations

Annual Re-Registration

Those seeking to create a new organization should review the Register a New Student Organization page.

Currently Registered Student Organizations must re-register each year. In April, all Registered Student Organizations’ status in Eagle Engage will be changed to “Requires Re-Registration.” Officers must complete the re-registration process by the second Friday of the fall semester.

The re-registration process will require officers to update their roster, describe their achievements and challenges from the current year, and articulate goals for the coming year. For more information regarding the Eagle Engage Re-Registration process, please see the Eagle Engage Officers Guide.

Organizations that fail to complete the re-registration process will be unregistered with the University and will lose access to Registered Student Organization benefits, including the ability to host events and activities on campus, eligibility for SOLO Funding, and more.

The Registered Student Organization may be with withdrawn at any point during the year if it fails to maintain the nature and conditions of registration, if the membership declines below ten (10) members, or purpose deviates substantially from the registered purpose.

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