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TLC Testing - Exam Security

We strive to protect the security and academic integrity of exams. We do this in the following ways:

  • Only TLC/Library employees proctor exams; students are never involved in proctoring
  • A TLC/Library employee walks around the room at least every 15 minutes
  • Video surveillance records testing stations as well as the reception and locker areas
  • Examinees must show two physical (not digital) photo IDs; one must be a current, unexpired passport or current, unexpired U.S. government-issued photo ID with the examinee's signature on it and a valid expiration date (driver's licenses with an expiration date of 00/00/0000 do not qualify)
  • Examinees are extremely limited in what they can take into the testing area; see the Rules and Regulations
  • Lockers are provided for storing prohibited items outside the testing area; examinees need an additional physical (not digital) photo ID to use a locker
  • Unless in use, paper exams are in a locked closet
  • Exam passwords are only accessible to TLC/Library professional employees and never shared with examinees or student workers; when employees enter exam passwords, examinees stand in designated areas where they cannot see the keyboard
  • The TLC keeps tests, scratch paper, writing utensils, etc. when examinees leave
  • The TLC emails an irregularity report to faculty detailing any anomalies
  • Faculty must show a current photo ID to pick up exams

All procedures for examinees and faculty facilitate the highest exam security. Faculty and examinees who do not follow procedures will be prohibited from using the TLC for testing.

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