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Stationery: Envelopes

There are two options and two versions of each option available when ordering envelopes:

  • Horizontal Logo, Standard Version and College/Department/Office Version;
  • Seal Logo, Standard Version and College/Department/Office Version; and
  • 5.25x7.25", Horizontal Version and Seal Version.

There is also a business reply envelope option.

Outgoing address information should begin 4.25” from the left edge of the envelope and 1.625” from the top edge of the envelope. The maximum length of the address information should end no further than 0.625 from left, right, and bottom edge of the envelope. Address information should be set in PT Sans.

Envelopes can be ordered from Awesome Mail & Print using the form at the bottom of this page.

Order University Envelope Letters

Horizontal Logo

horizontal standard horizontal - college/department/office


Seal Logo

standard Seal - college/department/office


horizontal 5.25x7.25" Seal - 5.25x7.25"

Business Reply

business reply



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