Business & Fiscal Affairs

Mission: The mission of Business & Fiscal Affairs is to facilitate an environment that enables students to learn, faculty to teach, administrators to lead, and staff to support by properly recording, protecting, and reporting financial resources while providing high quality customer service to the campus community and embracing new technological efficiencies.

Vision: The vision of the Business & Fiscal Affairs area is to support the University's commitment to life-long success of our students as expressed in the University's mission.

Purpose: The Business & Fiscal Affairs area is responsible for all financial reporting for the university.  This includes the preparation of the annual financial statements that are audited by the State of Tennessee, Comptroller of Treasury’s Division of State Audit.  The unit also helps prepare the proposed, revised, and current estimate budgets. Both include the proper administering of the Board of Trustees approved fee assessments and proper recording of all financial transactions. We also strive to gain efficiencies in our processes that both enhance the student experience and help reduce costs or improve completion times for financial transactions.  Another major responsibility is tax reporting related to vendor payments, students payments and receipts, sales tax, and Unrelated Business Income.  The main purpose of the unit is to provide accurate and timely information to our constituents.  The unit reports directly to the VP for Planning & Finance.

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