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Testing in the TLC has reduced capacity due to social distancing.

The testing area is for examinees to take class exams, makeup exams, standardized tests, exit exams, placement tests, and other proctored exams. Students schedule exams online, and all types of exams are administered simultaneously. The testing area facilitates paper and computer-based exams.

  • Location & Hours

    Volpe Library Room 176
    1100 N. Peachtree Ave.
    Cookeville, TN 38505-0001
    Campus Map

    Between Semesters
    Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Fall/Spring Semesters
    Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Summer Semesters
    Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
    Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Testing is also closed when the library is closed.

  • Exam Security

    We strive to protect the security and academic integrity of exams. We do this in the following ways:

    • Only TLC/Library employees proctor exams; students are never involved in proctoring
    • A TLC/Library employee walks around the room at least every 15 minutes
    • Video surveillance records testing stations as well as the reception and locker areas
    • Students must show a government-issued photo ID to test in the TLC
    • Students are extremely limited in what they can take into the testing area; see the "Rules and Regulations" bar below
    • Lockers are provided for storing prohibited items outside the testing area; students need an additional photo ID to use a locker
    • Unless in use, paper exams are in a locked closet
    • Exam passwords are only accessible to TLC/Library employees and never shared with students
    • The TLC keeps tests, scratch paper, writing utensils, etc. when students leave
    • The TLC emails an irregularity report to faculty detailing any anomalies
    • Faculty must show a photo ID to pick up exams

    All procedures for students and faculty facilitate the highest exam security. Faculty and students who do not follow procedures will be prohibited from using the TLC for testing.

  • Faculty Information

    Faculty may use the TLC testing for all class tests or only for makeup exams.

    • It is never mandatory for faculty to use the TLC for their class tests
    • The testing area cannot be reserved for a class
    • Faculty specify the days exams are available but cannot designate specific times
    • Students can schedule any time the TLC is open on the day(s) an exam is available

    Submitting exams:
    You must submit exam information in RegisterBlast at least 72 hours prior to the testing date to allow time for the TLC to process the exam and to allow students 24+ hours to schedule. It may take longer than 72 hours to process an exam depending on faculty response time if the TLC has logistics questions. You may always submit exams more than 72 hours before the testing window begins; some faculty submit all class exams before the semester starts.

    If a student did not take the exam during the original testing window and still needs to test in the TLC, the testing window must be extended. Please email with the extension date and the student’s name, and we will extend the testing window.

    iLearn Exams:
    The TLC only uses Respondus LockDown Browser if you specifically request it in your exam instructions submitted through RegisterBlast.  You also must require LockDown Browser within the iLearn exam settings. Do not require Respondus Monitor, which is the webcam component, for students testing in the TLC. Our testing stations do not have webcams, so students cannot take the exam in the TLC if you require Respondus Monitor.

    If your students will take an iLearn exam in the TLC, create an exam password in iLearn; do not create multiple passwords for different days or different students. You must submit that password when you submit the exam information in RegisterBlast. The TLC enters passwords for students on exam day, and students do not see the password being entered. You can view RegisterBlast to verify which students have scheduled and taken exams in the TLC. 

    You must set the exam as available in iLearn all day every day students are allowed to take it in the TLC. Do not restrict the exam availability in iLearn to a specific time because the TLC does not facilitate testing at specific times. If you have students with extended time accommodations, be sure to extend the time in iLearn as appropriate.

    If students cannot access or finish iLearn exams because you changed the password after submitting it in RegisterBlast, you restricted access in iLearn including specific times, you required Respondus Monitor webcam in iLearn, or you did not properly extend the iLearn time for accommodations:

    • The TLC emails you an irregularity report by the end of the day; duration between the incident and the emailed report depends on TLC testing traffic that day.
    • The TLC tells the student to contact their faculty about the issue, which may inform the faculty before they receive the irregularity report.
    • If you still want the student to test in the TLC, please fix the issue as soon as possible. The student will need to reschedule 24+ hours in advance. Email if that means the testing window in RegisterBlast needs to be extended. If you want the student to test sooner, you will need to find another testing venue.

    Paper Exams:
    If you do not want to upload a copy of your paper exam in RegisterBlast, the physical copy must be delivered to the TLC the same day the information was submitted in RegisterBlast. The TLC must receive the exam before students can schedule to take it.

    Accommodations when your whole class is testing in the TLC:
    If the entire class is testing in the TLC, you may not need to take additional action. RegisterBlast connects to the AEC's system so students will automatically get the accommodations we can provide (see the list in the "Accommodated Testing" bar below) when they schedule their exam. If your students need an accommodation that isn't listed, you must work with the AEC directly for an alternate testing location.

    Accommodations when your whole class is not testing in the TLC:
    If your entire class is not testing in the TLC, you must initiate testing accommodations with the AEC directly. Then the AEC will work with us as appropriate to facilitate testing for students with accommodations.

    TN eCampus faculty: you will submit your exams through TN eCampus.

    RegisterBlast Links & Information:


    Contact or 931-372-6126 with questions.

  • Schedule an Exam

    After you schedule an exam, you will receive a confirmation email.

    TNTECH students use this link to schedule: TNTECH RegisterBlast

    Non-TNTECH students use this link to schedule: RegisterBlast for non-TNTECH students

  • Cancel / Reschedule an Exam

    If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must do so at least 2 hours prior to check-in time.

    You must cancel your exam at least 20 hours prior to check-in time. Doing so within that time frame will refund any paid exam fees minus a $5 cancellation fee. Failure to cancel within that time frame will forfeit a refund of any paid exam fees.

    TNTECH students use this link: TNTECH RegisterBlast

    Non-TNTECH students use this link: RegisterBlast for non-TNTECH students

  • Rules & Regulations

    • Examinees must schedule exams in RegisterBlast at least 24 hours in advance
    • Examinees must have two photo IDs; one must be a government-issued, valid ID with your signature
    • Examinees must arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled exam time; latecomers may be required to reschedule, and examinees arriving 15 minutes or more after their scheduled time must fill out a late form or reschedule
    • Tech students must know their username and password to log into exam computers and iLearn; if they cannot log in, they will have to reschedule
    • Proctors answer examination procedure questions only, not questions about exam content
    • Examinees may only use items (scratch paper, calculators, notes, etc.) if permitted by the class instructor or exam vendor
    • Items not allowed in the testing room must be stored in the TLC lockers
    • Cell phones are prohibited; they may not be accessed during an exam including during breaks
    • Talking is not allowed in the testing area
    • Examinees exhibiting disorderly or disruptive conduct that interferes with the normal operations of the TLC or infringes on the rights of others may be removed and/or prohibited from testing in the TLC
    • Exams must be completed in one sitting (excluding breaks if allowed)
    • Once complete, the exam and paper materials (scratch paper, note cards, formula sheets, etc.) will be collected by TLC personnel
    • Faculty and examinees who do not follow procedures will be prohibited from using the TLC for testing

  • Fees

    • Class exams, exit exams, and major field tests are free to Tennessee Tech students
    • The university's placement exam, ACCUPLACER, costs $20 and is paid online when scheduling the exam
    • Anyone can can have an exam proctored at a cost of $25 per exam, which is paid online when scheduling the exam
    • Examinees taking standardized tests must pay associated fees when scheduling, which vary by exam
    • You must cancel your exam at least 20 hours prior to check-in time. Doing so within that time frame will refund any paid exam fees minus a $5 cancellation fee. Failure to cancel within that time frame will forfeit a refund of any paid exam fees.

  • Accommodated Testing

    The TLC offers the following testing accommodations:

    • Area where student can sit, stand, or walk
    • Calculator
    • Class notes
    • Extended time
    • Increased font size
    • Formula sheet
    • Noise-reduced area
    • Private testing area
    • Step out and return

    TNTECH faculty: please see the "Faculty Information" bar above for more information.

    TNTECH students: If you have registered with the AEC for accommodations, RegisterBlast will show only the accommodations the TLC can provide. If you need an accommodation not listed in RegisterBlast, please contact the AEC

    Non-TNTECH faculty: You must note any required accommodations in RegisterBlast when you submit the exam. We can only offer the accommodations listed above.

    Non-TNTECH students: If your exam is for a class, your instructor is responsible for noting any required accommodations when they submit the exam to the TLC. We can only offer the accommodations listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lydia Kendall, Testing & Learning Center (TLC) Director

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