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Purchasing a Meal Plan: Students

Choose your meal plan today!

Please Note: New freshman students will complete their meal selection while attending SOAR (freshman orientation).
  1. Go to EAGLE ONLINE.
  2. Click Enter Secure Banner Web Self Service to log into Eagle Online. Use your T#
    and your Eagle Online PIN. Be sure to include the capital letter “T” in your T#.
  3. Click Student.
  4. Click Registration.
  5. Click Meal Plan Selection.
  6. Select the term you will need the Meal Plan for (e.g. Fall 2020).
  7. Use the drop down box to select a meal plan. Click Submit.



Lets Eat
  • Freshmen living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan for their first two semesters of enrollment, excluding summer, and may choose either the Gold 7 Plus, Gold 7, Purple 5 Plus, or the Purple 5 plan.
  • If freshmen residents fail to select a plan, the system will default to the Purple 5 plus.
  • If you do not have a dorm assignment, you will only be allowed to select taxable meal plans.
  • Your taxable/non-taxable status is verified nightly and your taxable charge will be updated as needed.
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