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TECTA is here to support you from our Orientation to a PhD. in the field of ECED or similar majors. In order to receive our service you MUST first attend one of our orientations. After the orientation, we can help you on your educational journey.   

Fall 2019 Academic Information and Schedule

  • Child Associate Development Credential (CDA)

    The Child Development Associate (CDA) Training Program is a national credentialing effort to improve the quality of performance of individual staff members in their role as child caregivers. The program emphasizes competency-based instruction, including supervised field experiences. A CDA assistance program is coordinated with the TECTA local offices to provide support and advisement. The CDA Credential is awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition.

    How does TECTA support the CDA candidate?

    TECTA sponsored CDA assistance program includes the following steps:

    Step I: Complete a TECTA Orientation

    Step II: Complete the required Early Childhood Courses

    • ECED 2310: Safe and Healthy Learning Environments
    • ECED 2330: Clinical Practicum I
    • ECED 2315: Early Childhood Curriculum
    • ECED 2340: Family Dynamics
    • ECED 1310  Intro to Early Childhood Education

    Step III: Participate in CDA support group meetings sponsored by TECTA.

    TECTA support includes:

    • Providing you with an adviser
    • Completing the CDA Assessment Observation Instrument
    • Reviewing your Competency Statements and Resource File
    • Assisting you with completing the CDA application
    • Paying the Application Fee

    Who issue the CDA Credential?

    The Council for Professional Recognition is the grantor of the CDA Credential. TECTA assist candidates in the process of attaining their credential through tuition assistance, mentor and adviser support

    Candidates for CDA assessment must meet the guidelines for submission of materials to the CDA Council. The TECTA statewide management office will award assessment fee scholarships, as funds are available, on a quarterly basis to candidates who have completed the three steps outlined above.



    The Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential (TECPAC) is a Credential designed to give recognition to early childhood program Administrators and Directors. Candidates for the Credential are selected based on their experience and educational background. Earning the Credential takes ten months. In 2011, the TECPAC program began offering sessions in a hybrid format with a combination of online courses and face-to-face meetings. The first session of the Academy is a face-to-face session. This session is a work group provided to give additional support to the candidates.

    The Online Academy offers the candidates an opportunity to meet with instructors and communicate with each other without leaving the comfort of their homes. In addition, the Online Academy cuts back on time away from centers, family childcare, or group homes.

    Upon completion of the Online Academy sessions, candidates are assessed on a portfolio of program related documents and completed assignments. The Credential is awarded on four levels: Provisional, Standard, Advanced, and Master. The level awarded is based on each candidate’s individual experience and educational background.



    Rhonda Laird,TECPAC Program Manager, @ 615-277-1636 or by email @

  • Techincal Credential 

    Information coming soon

  • Assoicate Degreee

    Information coming soon

This project is funded through a contract with The Tennessee Department of Human Services and Tennessee State University, Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences.

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