Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ESS)

Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ESS)

ESS Student Anna Webb

Do you want to find solutions to real-world problems?

Unleash your environmental spirit!

Would you like to lead a purposeful professional life that positively impacts the environment? This degree prepares students for careers focused on sustaining Earth's resources for future generations!

  • Each year, environmental issues become more complex due to population growth, pollution, and limited natural resources.
  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from Tennessee Tech prepares you to lead and succeed in this fast-growing career field through solid scientific foundations and broad context applications.
What can I do with an ESS Degree?
  • Environmental professionals work at all levels of private sector firms, government agencies, and scientific facilities in managerial, policy, research and communications roles.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 30% increase in job availability for environmental scientists and specialists.
Choose from one of our seven concentrations!
For information and assistance, please contact: 
Dr. Samantha Allen 931-372-3614
Dr. Tammy Boles 931-372-6123
David Hajdik 931-372-6439
Dr. Hayden Mattingly 931-372-3698
Irene Mauk 931-372-6246
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