Counseling Center


Consultation assistance is available for University Staff, Faculty, RA's and other members of the TN Tech population.

  • Are you a professor who is worried about a student in your class?
  • Does your roommate seem depressed?
  • Are you concerned that a fellow student has an eating disorder?
  • Has your friend been talking about suicide a lot lately?

Many people think the TN Tech Counseling Center only works with people who need counseling. That just isn't true! Any of our counselors would be happy to consult with you if you are concerned about someone. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to help a person who seems to be in trouble. Our counselors can help you decide how to approach someone about getting help, provide you with information about a particular topic, or answer your questions about the best way to help someone in distress. Call us today at 931-372-3331 or stop in and ask to speak to one of our counselors!

If an issue arises regarding the timely mental health concern of a TN Tech student during the time that the counseling office is closed, you may contact the Eagle Eye After Hours Crisis Hotline at 931-372-3331 or 855-206-8997.  These calls will be answered by a trained mental health professional who can help you determine the best course of action at the moment.  


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