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The TN Tech Counseling Center offers brief, short term, solution focused therapeutic interventions for TN Tech University Students.  Eligible students are allotted 12 individual sessions per academic year.  This does not include workshops, groups or crisis appointments.

Students with more complex, severe or chronic psychological or issues related to substance use that would be best served through long-term therapy are referred to an outside provider in the community.  We are available to assist students with this process.

Counseling Center Services

Eligibility for Counseling Services

Any student who is currently enrolled at TN Tech Univ. is eligible for Counseling Center services. These services are free to currently registered TN Tech students. When a student requires a service that is not provided by the Counseling Center, we will assist in making a referral to an appropriate community resource. 

The entire staff of the TN Tech University Counseling Center works as a team to uphold our Confidentiality Policy.  Confidentiality and Exceptions and Limitations are outlined in the Informed Consent & Notice of Privacy Practice Document.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, contact our office by phone (931-372-3331), you may click Eagle Wellness Portal,  or stop by the office located in Room 307 of the Roaden University Center.

The staff members of the TN Tech Counseling Center respectfully request that you not use email to schedule an appointment. This is because the confidentiality of email cannot be guaranteed and also because we do not maintain 24-hour access to e-mail accounts. We may only check email once per day and not on weekends or when away from the office. For all of these reasons, it is our policy not to schedule appointments via e-mail.


Brief Psychiatric Services

All students are welcome to schedule a Medication Management Consult. Within this process, the counselor will screen students and refer them for psychiatric consolation with an internal Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The evaluation will focus on the student symptoms. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will meet and discuss with the student about treatment recommendations and discuss a preliminary treatment plan. 

Tennessee Tech Counseling Center does not provide long-term psychiatric services, emergency prescription services, medication management, or emergency psychiatric evaluations. The Clinical Coordinator and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will work with students to transition to a provider in the local community. 

At times, students concerns may require care that is beyond the scope of the Tennessee Tech Counseling Center. If this occurs, we will work with students with referrals with a provider outside of the counseling services. 



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