Child Development Lab

CDL Student Lab Reservations

  • Lab Reservation/Observation Information

    You MUST complete ALL requested information for the online form.

    You MUST reserve an observation time slot at LEAST one week in advance.

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test for In-Class Interaction

    If you are reserving time inside one of the classrooms (Seedlings, Sprouts, Saplings, Blossom, Willow, or Cypress) you are REQUIRED to have had a TB skin test within the last 24 months to be allowed with the children.

    Please bring proof that the test has been completed on your first visit to the classroom.

  • Important Requirements

    NO cell phones in the classrooms/observation room.

    NO food or beverages in classrooms/observation room.

    Confidentiality procedures regarding children's interactions at ALL TIMES.

    Professional behavior is expected at ALL TIMES.

  • Complete the Online Lab Reservation Form 

    Lab Reservation Form

    NOTE: If you are reserving the lab for only one day, enter the same date in both the "start date" and "end date" fields.

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