Student Organizations

Register a New Student Organization

Interested in creating a new organization? There are a few preliminary steps: First, check out the organizations listed in Eagle Engage to make sure the organization, or something very similar, does not already exist. Next, review the Student Organization Manual to learn about student org policies and procedures. Finally, recruit at least 9 other students and a Faculty/Staff Advisor to help you draft a constitution, develop a plan to recruit members, and register the organization. 


The next step will be to submit the Registration form, located on the All Groups tab in Eagle Engage. To successfully complete the Registration form, you will need:

  • An organization constitution that adheres to the Constitution Template.

  • A statement justifying the need for the organization on campus. How will the organization benefit students and the University?

  • The name of a President, Treasurer and Advisor who will agree to serve in these roles.

  • The names of students willing to become members of the organization. The organization must have at least 10 members, including student officers. 


The Approval process begins when you submit the Registration form.

  • The officers and advisors listed will need to agree to serve in these roles.

  • The advisor must approve the submitted form.

  • The Center for Student Engagement will review the submitted information to make sure everything is in order.

  • The requesting student(s) will be invited to the next Student Affairs Committee meeting, where they will propose the organization to a group of students, faculty, and administrators.

  • The Committee will either recommend approval of the organization or request modification to the submitted information.


Please note that affiliation with off-campus organizations must be described and approved by Tennessee Tech before commitments to the off-campus organization are made.

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