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Energized Surfaces

QWiC Power Transfer

The operation of our wireless surface power technique is based on the generation of standing waves inside a receiver which confines the energy within the system.

When a low voltage signal is placed on a surface and at the frequency of the receiver, a standing wave is created inside the receiver which transfers power to the load. The transmitted efficiency is high (80-95%) over the entire area of the surface.

With only a single terminal from a power supply used, the electrical safety is greatly increased. Liquid spills on the surface do not pose any threat of electrocution.


Indoor Energized Surfaces

For indoor applications, common surfaces may be energized and act as an electrical “plug”. Robotic devices may be operated over these surfaces without the need of a battery, granting them unlimited operation with control signals simultaneously sent on the surface.

IES1   IES2   IES3

Interiors of the Future

With our technique, building interiors will have no outlets with power available from any surface.



Outdoor Rapid Electrification

A single connection to the frame allows power to any location on the frame. This eliminates the need to for bulky wiring. Power can be extended from the frame to other objects to deliver power. Here (right) power is delivered to a lamp using a metal bucket covered with fabric. Only a single connection (red wire) is needed between the tent frame and bucket.

ORE1   ORE2   ORE3

Improved Safety

Frame remains safe to touch and moisture resistant, eliminating shorting issues and electrocution risks.



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