Financial Aid

Non-Traditional Student Requirements

A student who initially qualifies for a Lottery Scholarship under non-traditional rules will continue to be eligible for the award as long as he or she meets continuing eligibility requirements and has an adjusted gross income of $36,000 or less on the FAFSA. If a student meets all renewal criteria other than the GPA requirement, the student will not be eligible at that time, but may be eligible in the future.

An eligible non-traditional student shall continue receiving the HOPE Scholarship until the FIRST of the following TERMINATING events:

  • The student has earned an advanced degree; or
  • Five (5) years have passed since the student enrolled in an eligible post- secondary institution as a non-traditional student; or
  • For students who first received the scholarship as a traditional student, the student has reached the 5 year limit between a combination of the traditional semesters and the non-traditional semesters. 

More information:

Tennessee HOPE Scholarship - Nontraditional  


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