Financial Aid

Summer Lottery

If a student first received the Lottery Scholarship Fall 2009 or later, they can receive a full lottery scholarship (or prorated award for part-time enrollment) in the summer as long as they meet eligibility requirements, even if they already received a full-time award in the fall and spring.

The student must enroll in at least 6 hours to receive summer lottery and the award is pro-rated for part-time enrollment (6-11 hours). If a student is enrolls for 1-5 hours, they will not be eligible for a lottery scholarship but those attempted hours and grades DO count in determining future lottery eligibility.

The award is based on enrollment status and will post as follows:

12 hours= full one-semester award
9-11 hours= 75% of the full one-semester award
6-8 hours= 50% of the full one-semester award
All summer lottery funds are awarded after spring grades are posted in mid-May.

*** Summer lottery awards may not be applied to a student’s account by the first fee-payment deadline for the summer semester. The student is responsible for paying tuition and fees not covered by other aid.

Please also note that additional steps may be required before summer lottery may be applied to a student account if the student is a new transfer for the summer term, or is participating in a consortium or study abroad program for the spring and/or summer terms.

If a student drops or adds classes after the Lottery Scholarship has been applied, the scholarship amount may be adjusted accordingly, and the student is responsible for repaying any portion of the award if it is reduced due to a drop in hours.

Course Program of Study (CPoS)

Students may only receive HOPE funds for courses that count toward a student's program of study (your declared major). Please note that all courses still count as attempted hours and are considered when evaluating eligibility when a student has reached a benchmark.

***IMPORTANT*** If a student changes enrollment status by dropping classes after the 14 day census date (i.e., changing from full-time to part-time enrollment or from part-time to less than 6 hours), the student will permanently lose eligibility for the lottery scholarship. It is strongly recommended that a student speak with the Tennessee Tech Office of Financial Aid before stopping attendance or adding/dropping a course, as this action could result in having to repay some or all of the Lottery Scholarship and/or losing future eligibility for the scholarship. 

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