Once admitted to Tennessee Tech, orientation is the next important step toward Fall semester!

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SOAR Information
Welcome, new Golden Eagle! We are excited that you've chosen Tennessee Tech! Learn more about attending SOAR.

IMPORTANT: It is required for students to complete the entire SOAR program to finalize their enrollment. When selecting a date, all attendees should select a session in which they are capable of attending the entire program.

About SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement & Registration)

The Office of New Student & Family Programs has created SOAR for recent high school graduates joining Tech in the summer and fall.

During the two-day program, we'll provide you information to help with your transition to our campus, review and finalize information about your academic major, share more about Tech's student life, provide resources available to help you succeed, and ease any concerns as you get ready to take flight as a Golden Eagle!

As a new college freshman..

You may be asking:

  • How will I know who my advisor is?
  • What classes will I take in the Fall?
  • What are my next steps to enroll at Tech?
  • And a number of others
We are here to help!

How do I receive information about SOAR?

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New first-time freshmen starting in the summer or fall semesters will receive a letter in the mail in the spring (around mid-late March) containing information on attending SOAR. To receive a letter, the student must be admitted to the University. In your invitation letter to SOAR, you will find instructions on how to reserve a SOAR session date. Space is limited at each session, so choose your SOAR date and make your reservation early.

SOAR Invitations will initially be mailed out mid-late March. Letters will be mailed out once a week to freshmen admitted after this period. Please do not make plans to attend a SOAR session until you have registered and confirmed your SOAR reservation.