Derryberry Award

This award was established in honor of the late Dr. Everett Derryberry who retired in 1974 after 34 years as president of the university.

This prestigious award is presented in accordance with the following guidelines:

A plaque and cash award are presented annually to a graduating senior who has exhibited scholastic attainment arising out of moral and intellectual integrity; successful campus activity where participation indicates a commitment to good citizenship, interest in one’s fellow person, and instincts for leadership; and physical vigor as shown by fondness for and success in sports – all of which demonstrate potential for future service and effective leadership in American society.

Undergraduate students who graduated in December 2023 and those who are scheduled to graduate in May or August 2024 are eligible for nomination for the 2024 Derryberry Award

The Derryberry Award committee will review all nominations, interview finalists, and select the 2024 recipient

Please complete the nomination form by Monday, March 4, 2024.

Required documents include a nomination letter from a Tech faculty member and a detailed listing of the student's accomplishments, both of which must be uploaded at the time of submission.


If there are any questions, please contact Allen Mullis, Executive Director for Student Success, at

Derryberry Award Winners, 1975-2024

2024 - Addison Dorris, Human Resources & Marketing
2023 - Kester Nucum, Computer Engineering
2022 - Aaron Lay, Agriculture Communications
2021 - Rachel Baker, Chemistry
2020 - Shelley Edwards, Chemical Engineering
2019 - Andrew R. Whittenbarger, Chemical Engineering
2018 - Ali Lannom, Exercise Science & Physical Wellness - Pre Occupational Therapy
2017 - Elizabeth Bickel, Chemical Engineering and Alex Martin, Business
2016 - Emily Humphreys, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Paige Ottenfeld, History & Geosciences
2015 - Samuel Dickson, Agricultural Engineering Tech and Drake Fenlon, Communication – News Editorial
2014 - Elissa McLerran, Agriculture and Meghan O’Donoghue, Political Science (French)
2013 - Donald “Lee” Gatts III, Political Science (Pre-Law)
2012 - Chelsea B. Rose, Agriculture Communications
2011 - Shelley Brown, Sociology & Political Science and Sean Ochsenbein, Biology
2010 - Ruth C. Diroff, Mechanical Engineering
2009 - Hunter McClelland, Mechanical Engineering
2008 - Ben Eckart, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
2007 - Jennifer Cloud, Industrial & Systems Engineering
and Alison Wachs, Industrial & Systems Engineering
2006 - Christina M. Carbajo, Biology
2005 - Stephanie Ward, English & Spanish
2004 - Brent Waugh, Psychology
2003 - Donnie Wayne Blaylock, Chemical Engineering and Sarah L. Winningham, Political Science
2002 - Steve Orth, Electrical Engineering
2001 - Andrew S. Case, History/Foreign Language (Spanish)
2000 - Elizabeth K. Ervin, Civil Engineering
1999 - John Matthew Dakin, Mechanical Engineering
1998 - Jonathan S. Channell, Mechanical Engineering
1997 - Lee Chandler Williams, Civil and Environmental Engineering
1996 - Genetta Gibson, Mechanical Engineering
1995 - Christopher G. M. Cobb, Business Management Information Systems
and Susan Emily Schlaeger, Accounting
1994 - Sarah Jane Cripps, History
1993 - David Lon Page, Electrical Engineering
1992 - William E. Lawson, Electrical Engineering
1991 - Steven Denney, History and Shannon Hamblin, Electrical Engineering
1990 - Christoph Roden, Electrical Engineering
1989 - Cheryl Millaway, Accounting
1988 - Robert Carnahan, Electrical Engineering
1987 - Eric Hyche, Electrical Engineering
1986 - Alison E. Walker, Elementary Education
1985 - Steve Rains, English and History
1984 - Edwin Blalack, Electrical Engineering
1983 - Kevin Scott Smith, Mechanical Engineering
1982 - Charles Chitwood, Jr. Physics, and Robert Hawkins, Mechanical Engineering
1981 - William Scott Lewis, Computer Science and Information Systems and Deborah Barton, History
1980 - Scott Clugston, Engineering Science and Mechanics and Kim Williams, History
1979 - Douglas Scott Eads, Biology
1978 - Craig Heinrichw, Mechanical Engineering
1977 - Jim McAlister, Business Management
1976 - David Swindle, Jr., Engineering Science
1975 - Mike Winchester, History


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