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Face Covering Guidelines

All people on campus—including faculty, staff, students, vendors, contractors, suppliers and visitors—should wear face coverings (covering nose and mouth) while inside campus buildings.

Face coverings are required in all classrooms, labs, indoor public spaces, public restrooms, shared office space, elevators, stairwells, on-campus events and gatherings (even outdoor gatherings) where distancing is difficult and all places and times where physical distancing is not possible.

Face coverings are encouraged, but not required, in residence hall rooms, enclosed single-person offices, enclosed single-person study spaces and outdoor settings where distancing can be managed.

Face coverings are required when using campus transportation (such as a shuttle bus) and when multiple individuals are in a university vehicle.

Wearing a face covering is not required when alone in a private office or work space, nor is it required when working behind a plexiglass barrier if there is also a six-foot distance from other people. This would include, for example, a faculty member teaching behind a plexiglass barrier in a classroom or laboratory setting that has sufficient distancing.

Tech will supply reusable masks to all employees and students, though use of personally owned masks is welcome. Reusable masks should be washed regularly.


If an employee declines to wear a face covering as required, the supervisor is responsible for addressing it with the employee. Employees should refrain from addressing non-compliance or perceived non-compliance directly with other employees and should instead report issues to their supervisors.

If a student declines to wear a face covering as required, the student should be referred to the Dean of Students. If the situation occurs in a classroom or other academic setting, it is considered a classroom management issue, and the faculty member should remind the student of the requirement and give the student a chance to comply prior to referring the matter to the Dean of Students.

Repeated failure to comply may result in disciplinary actions.

Members of the public who are not abiding by face covering requirements should first be offered a disposable face mask, if possible. If they refuse to comply with face covering requirements, they will be asked to leave and given options of how they can be served either virtually or in an isolated manner.

University Police are not responsible for enforcing face covering requirements and should not be contacted regarding such issues. If, however, any person threatens the safety of others or inhibits the normal operation of a class or office, contact University Police.


Faculty and staff requesting accommodations should contact Human Resources at 931-372-3034. An individual who has a health condition that prevents them from being able to wear a face covering should contact Human Resources. Students requesting accommodations should contact the Accessible Education Center at 931-372-6119.

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