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Return to Tech

Golden Eagle Pledge

I pledge to do my part to keep our community in good health as I return to the City of Cookeville and to Tennessee Tech University’s campus.

I understand I have a role and responsibility to help my campus and my city fight COVID-19, and I pledge to be responsible for my own health. I understand I am accountable for staying informed about safety practices and guidelines.  

I commit to practicing patience and understanding with my fellow students, faculty members and university staff as we all navigate the changes on campus and in the classroom we will experience. I will strive to be kind.  

I will support my campus community and Cookeville by doing the following:

  • Conducting daily self-checks for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Isolating, notifying Tech Health Services and seeking healthcare if I have symptoms.
  • Wearing a mask when and where required by the university and local businesses
  • Following public health guidelines in place to help protect myself and others.
  • Protecting myself and others in high-traffic areas of campus or situations where physical distancing isn’t possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Keeping my hands clean and sanitized while on campus, around Cookeville and at home.
  • Practicing caution at off-campus locations and avoiding situations that pose a high-spread risks.
  • Modifying my actions and encouraging others to do the same as guidelines and recommendations adapt over time.

By taking the pledge to keep Tennessee Tech and the Cookeville community in good health, I accept responsibility for myself and my actions and will do my best to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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