About TechConnect

Tennessee Tech has teamed with Educational Advisory Board (EAB) to access technology, research, and predictive analytics that will support and enhance our student experience to support higher graduation rates and reduced student debt. The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) - Navigate, also called TechConnect, is an early alert and communication platform that is easy to use for both students and faculty/staff.

TechConnect allows us to:

  • Identify and prioritize students that are at academic risk and require intervention.
    Effectively and efficiently manage student academic advising and support services throughout campus.
  • Coordinate early alert campaigns and student outreach.
    Support the focus on retention and student success among advisors, academic departments, and colleges/schools.
  • Leverage data by analyzing past student performance at Tech to help with identifying where students tend to see challenges on their way to graduation, and to find the pathways and support services that most enable a student to be successful.
  • Foster a change in how advising is performed to a proactive approach based on current academic performance and future course requirements (success rate within upcoming courses by student’s ability and academic program cohort peers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding TechConnect. If you don't find the answer here, contact us.

  • Does TechConnect talk with Banner? DegreeWorks? iLearn?

    Yes, TechConnect gets all student information and class roster information from Banner on a nightly basis. Ex: If a student drops a class on Monday, on Tuesday in TechConnect the student should no longer show on your roster. At this time, you cannot access DegreeWorks in TechConnect, and these tools do not talk with each other. iLearn and TechConnect do not communicate with each other.

  • Is the information in TechConnect "real-time"?

    The student information and class roster information is feed from Banner nightly. Each morning, TechConnect should have the most recent information from the day before. Appointment scheduling, notes, alerts, and other user created information is "real-time".

  • Who has access to TechConnect? Can parents see information displayed in TechConnect?

    Only current Tech students, faculty, and staff who have the appropriate roles assigned to them based on their affiliation have access to TechConnect. These permissions are correlated to their job/role at the University and are configured within Banner. Tech faculty, staff, and students can log-in using their Tech email credentials.

    If you are a Tech faculty or staff member who would like access to TechConnect, please visit the Help With TechConnect page to learn more about requesting access.

    Parents do not have access to TechConnect.

  • When can I access TechConnect?

    You can login to TechConnect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

    For students, making an appointment with a tutor or an advisor has never been easier. More information about how students can schedule appointments within TechConnect is available here -