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The Visionaries Society

The Visionaries Society at Tennessee Tech exists solely to recognize those individuals who give to the university through estate planning. The society is separate and distinct from all other recognition clubs at the university. Membership is representative of a high standard of support and generosity associated with donors who make individual efforts to contribute to Tennessee Tech in ways that require assistance from professional advisors and/or university staff. It is through these individuals’ personal efforts that Tennessee Tech is able to continue to provide a high quality education to its students.

All individuals who inform the university that they have made one of the following types of planned gifts will be considered members of the Visionaries Society: bequest, charitable trust, life insurance plan, life estate agreement, retirement plan designation, or any other planned estate gift.

Recognition in the Visionaries Society is completely dependent upon the desires of the donor. Donor lists, profile stories, or no public recognition are options offered to members. Regardless of publicity preferences, all Visionaries Society members are presented with a commemorative society plate, invited as special guests of the university president to attend a home football game in his private sky box, and recognized at an annual Walton House donor appreciation reception.

Members of the Visionaries Society are alike in that they believe in the university’s mission, desire to achieve their personal giving objectives by creating a lasting gift, and strive to see that all future Tech students have the opportunity to realize the dream of a college education.

For more information, contact Tiff Rector at or 931-372-3159.

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