Environmental Sciences Ph.D. (EVS) Student Checklist

Ph.D. Student Checklist

About the Checklist

  • This Checklist is intended to assist students and faculty advisors by providing an outline of the administrative procedures which must be followed as students progress through the program.

  • The official source for all policies and procedures relating to graduate study are outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

  • This checklist should be filled out by the student and kept up to date in the student's copy of the handbook.

  • The student should seek council from his/her academic advisor when necessary.

Please Note:

  • Students that do not possess a master's degree and also have several undergraduate deficiencies may find it difficult to follow the timetables presented below.

  • The student's research mentor or academic advisor will assist said student in revising the timetable, should a student enter the program with many deficiencies.

  • In some cases, a student may need to take as much as one year of undergraduate coursework before initiating the time-table for the Research Plan, Program of Study, Environmental Research Seminar (Chemistry Concentration), Comprehensive Exam, etc. The Director of Environmental Sciences will assist faculty or students should this need arise, however this issue should be discussed with your academic advisor first. He/She should then notify the director if exceptions and/or assistance is requested.

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