Honors Program

Roettger Scholarship

The Everett G. and Amanda B. Roettger Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship and Research Award

Amount: Currently $500
Deadline: February 28, 2024

This award is designated for full members of the Honors Program who have demonstrated that they will graduate in cursu honorum and who have completed significant research or study for an Honors Directed Study or for Honors Research for Thesis credit.


  • Must be a current full member of the Tennessee Tech Honors Program student in good standing in accordance with current institutional and Honors Program policies.
  • Must demonstrate that he or she is on track to graduate in cursu honorum
  • Must have completed the research or study in an Honors Directed Study or during research for an approved Honors Program Thesis.
  • The recipient will be chosen by a committee appointed by and chaired by the Director of the Honors Program, and will include Tennessee Tech full-time or emeritus faculty. The committee will have no more than one person from each college or sub-college as represented by the faculty positions on the Honors Council.
  • Students may be nominated for the award by their respective home departments, sponsoring faculty mentor, Honors faculty, or the Honors Director.
  • Students may only be nominated once for each research topic.
  • The award will be given to no more than one student during each academic year.
  • The panel may elect to give no award if the work of all nominees is deemed lacking by a majority of the panel.

Requirements for applying for the Everett G. and Emma B. Roettger Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship and Research Award:

  • The complete application must be submitted on ScholarWeb by the announced deadline.
  • In addition, the applicant must submit five (5) copies of the completed research, along with a cover letter describing their project and interests leading up to this work to the Honors Office in TJ Farr 204b.  

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