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Tennessee Tech has worked to reduce the cost of textbooks for students through the following endeavors:



Faculty Feedback

Below are comments from faculty after switching to OERs in their courses.

I noticed that students actually responded to assignments in ways that made it obvious that they had been reading and engaging with the material.
When students have the material, the ‘playing field’ is leveled and we tend to see more engagement from students of all socioeconomic strata.
Students responded favorably to the materials, with several specifically expressing their appreciation for the quality material that added no additional cost to their experience.
This new and varied material infused my class activities, assignments, and discussions with updated learning activities, which was fun for me and the students alike.
I have received tremendous support and encouragement from my colleagues to pursue OERs.
It is nearly impossible for a traditional text to keep up with [the field's] change of pace, which is a great advantage of using OERs.
OER textbooks give me the ability to customize the course materials. I can now create the 'perfect' course for my class instead of a one size fits all model.
The only con is that it is a lot of work for the professor to redo their classes, but it is worth it.
The experience of locating the OERs gave me some new insight into just how much free information is out there for my class.

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