Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Tech

The Mechanical Engineering M.S. program at Tennessee Tech provides students advanced engineering skills and state-of-the-art knowledge in selected areas for positions in industry or pursuing a PH.D. Students focus their programs on specific interests among several areas:

  • Acoustics and Vibrations
  • Design / Mechanical Systems
  • Energy Harvesting / Smart Materials
  • Energy Storage / Fuel Cells / Battery
  • HVAC
  • Material Characterization and Modeling
  • Robotics / Mechatronics / Controls
  • Thermal Science / Fluid Mechanics

The program is research oriented and requires a thesis. Graduate faculty work with students in advanced and in-depth studies in these topics; provide guidance in fundamental and applied research; help develop powers of analysis, synthesis and critical thinking; and prepare students to follow academic and research careers through doctoral-level studies.

The masters program consists of 24 semester hours of course work and a minimum of six thesis hours for the thesis option and 30 semester hours of formal, graded coursework and 3 semester hours of special topics for non-thesis option.

Tennessee Tech houses three state-supported Centers of Excellence: Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR), Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR), and the Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources (CWR). The three centers offer excellent research opportunities, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and funding for graduate students in engineering.

Expectations for Professionalism in Mechanical Engineering

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Financial Support

A graduate degree is a valuable investment in your future. Tennessee Tech University, the College of Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Department try to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to support your studies. Various funding opportunities include:

  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Diversity Fellowship
  • Fellowships in Support of STEM Disciplines

For more info go to: Graduate Financial Aid

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The faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering Department are a group dedicated to graduate teaching and research. They provide meaningful research opportunities and guidance for graduate students. A complete listing of all faculty members in the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be found at: Mechanical Engineering Faculty and Staff

For further information contact
Dr. Jie Cui 
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Dr. Mohan Rao 
M.E. Department Chair

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