Mechanical Engineering

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A Tradition of Excellence

Tennessee Tech has been competing in the Baja SAE events, formally known as Mini Baja, since 1977. This program currently utilizes a 4,000 square foot shop underneath the east stadium grand stands at Tennessee Tech's Tucker Stadium.

Tennessee Tech has 12 first place finishes, with the next closest team only having won 7 times. Yet the team strives to inspire others off the track as well. You'll often find the Baja team at local Putnam County schools, fairs, and STEM events for children in the community.

Yet more than just the accolades, the Baja SAE program is one of the most vital learning tools in the Mechanical Engineering Department. It provides students the ability to learn not only technical skills, but also teamwork, collaboration, communication, and other non-technical skills employers also want.

How Can You Help?

We are always in need of additional funding to help the Baja SAE team grow and help even more students! Donating is a great way to support both the Baja program itself and the students who participate, so please consider a gift today.

* Current Baja SAE team contact information can be found on the Student Organizations page