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Student Job Portal

Through Tech Express, a student can access the Student Job Portal, where they will apply for open positions of interest, accept an offer and manage timesheets for their FWS position.  

If you are selected to receive Work-Study, you will need to officially accept your award offer in Eagle Online, before applying for employment opportunities in the Student Job Portal to begin receiving the funding.

After accepting your Work Study offer in Eagle Online, you can apply to any of the many job opportunities available on the Student Job Portal. Students will go through a traditional application process to secure employment in order to earn the wages from their Federal Work-Study funds.

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Student Job Portal Help

Use the purple links below to access step-by-step instructions for each of the below Student Job Portal (SJP) functions: 

  • Login to Student Job Portal (must have an FWS award to obtain access to SJP)
  • My Dashboard
    • Employee Eligibility
      • I-9 and W-4 status and how to complete those required documents
      • Awarded FWS?
      • Current Class Schedule
    • Applications: Status, View, Print, and Withdraw
    • JobMail Subscriptions
  • Find a Job
    • Advanced Search
    • Apply for a Job
    • Next Steps
  • Approved for Hire
    • #workschedule
  • Entering Time Worked
    • How to get Paid
    • Submitting Time Sheet for Approval
    • Mobile Device Time Sheet Instructions

Login to Student Job Portal

The Student Job Portal (SJP) is accessed through the Tech Express QuickLinks dashboard. Click on the purple icon showing a briefcase and clock, labeled JobPortal.

JobPort Tech Express icon

First time users, click on the Federal Work-Study Students to view forms and information needed to begin work.

FWS login

On this page, there is a wealth of information:

    • Forms - required are the I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit.
    • Links to the FWS Handbook and Career Readiness Certification Program.
    • Click Dashboard for access to your time sheet or Find a Job link to search for a job.
    • Select Manage JobMail to customize alerts when the job of your choice becomes available or Enter your Timesheet to begin your monthly time sheet.

FWS Student Job Portal Home page

NOTE: If you are unable to log in to the Student Job Portal...

  • Have you officially accepted the FWS Award in Eagle Online?  If not, you must accept the award to have access to the Student Job Portal.
  • Has it been less than 24 hours since you accepted the award?  If so, it will take at least 24 hours for the system to update that information and allow you to log into the SJP.
  • Are you attempting to log in to the SJP during the month of June?  If so, the SJP is closed after the conclusion of the spring semester to the first of July.  During this time, the SJP will give you an error message when you try to log in.

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