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All student workers must track their time in the Student Job Portal. Time must be entered as it is worked to ensure accuracy and to remain compliant with federal rules.

Federal Work Study students must submit a time sheet each month by the deadline in order to be paid for hours worked that month.

Entering Time Worked

NOTE: FWS students must enter their time at the beginning of each shift to avoid being non-compliant.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of the FWS award.

First, select 'My Timesheets' from the Employees menu.

Next, click the 'Job Title' link to access your time sheets.

my timesheets screen

If this is the first time you are entering a time sheet for the current pay period, click the 'Start Time Sheet' link to the right of the pay period you wish to enter time. Click 'OK' button in the pop-up window.

If a timesheet has already been started, the link will say 'Go to time sheet' instead.

start time sheet screen

Click 'Clock In' at the start of your shift.

timesheet clock in page

You can now return to your timesheet menu by clicking the Tennessee Tech home icon at the top left. The timesheet menu will allow you to clock out, add a break, and review your previous timesheet entries.

student timesheet menu

At the end of your shift, click Report My Time Worked to go to the clock-out page. Click 'Clock Out.'

  • Clicking "Log Out" at any point will not clock you out. You must return to Report My Time Worked and click Clock Out.

timesheet clock out page

You may optionally add break minutes, if applicable.  A 30-minute break is required by law for every six consecutive hours worked. Return to the main menu and click Report My Break. Then click the Start Break button. When you are done with your break, return to Report My Break and click End Break.

timesheet start break

Also, you may enter a note, if desired. "View/Add Note on this entry" will attach the note to this specific time entry. "View/Add Note" at the bottom will attach the note to your timesheet, but not a particular shift.

timesheet add notes

You can always review your past timesheet entries by returning to the main menu and clicking View / Edit / Submit Timesheet. Be sure to select the correct pay period.

Only supervisors have the ability to correct an incorrect time entry. If you have made a mistake when clocking in or clocking out, please make a note on that time entry and then notify your supervisor immediately. They may instruct you to submit the time sheet. This will allow them to correct it and return it to you to keep working.

If you wish to log out, click the 'Log out' button and you will return to the Tennessee Tech Student Job Portal Home page.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should a student or supervisor ever enter all time worked at the end of the month.  To do so could result in the department having to pay for hours worked that were not checked by the Student Job Portal against the class schedule and create a non-compliance issue.  An instance such as this could result in you losing the FWS Award entirely.

Submitting Timesheet for Approval

At the conclusion of the Pay Period, the employee will need to click the 'Submit time sheet' link to send their electronic time sheet to their supervisor for review and approval. Review the timesheet for accuracy then click the 'Submit Time Sheet' button.

submit time sheetClick 'OK' on the pop up message to confirm.  By clicking the OK button, you are agreeing the time sheet information you have entered is correct to the best of your knowledge.

submit time sheet popupYour time sheet has been placed in your Supervisor’s TimesheetX pending approval queue awaiting their review and approval.

NOTE: You will not be able to access your time sheet again unless your supervisor rejects it back to you during their review process.

submitted time sheet confirmation screen


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