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Tennessee Tech University strives to promote research, scholarship and creative activities that engage faculty, students and external partners. Research and Economic Development is committed to fostering an open environment to not only encourage research but also support entrepreneurial endeavors across campus. Our efforts directly support the university's vision to provide academic, economic and cultural leadership and produce practical, ready-to-work graduates who are prepared to compete in today's technologically driven world.  

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FY24 Federal Appropriations guidelines are now posted

In consultation with the Tennessee Tech Office of Governmental Affairs and our consultants at Cornerstone Government Affairs, we are launching internal applications for FY24 Federal and State funding requests. The formatting will follow the templates that Cornerstone has provided (download template now).

The schedule for FY24 appropriations and federal agenda requests is as follows:

January 24, 2023     Cornerstone visit and faculty information session
February 1, 2023    Call for proposals (Cornerstone template)
February 17, 2023  Deadline for proposals
February 24, 2023 Proposal Review Meetings: culminating in requested/required edits and budget information
March 1, 2023 President Oldham finalizes priorities for federal agenda
March 15–April 15, 2023   Delegation Meetings

Please contact Research & Economic Development at extension 3897 or email Dr. John Liu ( with any questions.

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