Student Affairs

Student Absence Notifications

Students who are unable to attend class for a period of time due to an emergency or extenuating circumstance, including:

  • Illness, injury, or hospitalization - doctor's note
  • Human death in the family/bereavement - link to the obituary or a copy of the in memory card
  • Military obligation - copy of military orders or paperwork verifying their request
  • Legal obligation - copy of court orders or letter from their lawyer
  • Religion - letter from priest or church
  • Pregnancy or Pregnancy-related Illness - doctor's note

may request an absence notification from the Student Affairs Office by completing the Student Absence Notification Request form. If approved, each instructor will receive a memorandum stating the student’s absence has been verified and provide the dates of absence.

Students are encouraged to speak with instructors before completing an absence notification request, as not all instructors require an absence notification from our office. Whether an absence is approved or denied is at the discretion of the instructor. If the reason for an absence does not fall within the list of items above, the students should discuss the absence with their instructor.

Note: Absence notifications cannot be made for Covid-19.

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