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In the event of an emergency, preparation is your greatest tool:

Emergency Contact Information (required to be posted by telephones or exits where Hazardous Waste is generated or stored).





  • Peroxide Forming Chemicals

Universal Waste Management


Various processes and organizations on the Tennessee Tech campus generate used oil. Processes that commonly generate used oil are vehicle/ equipment maintenance, vacuum pumps, research equipment, and many other activities. Specific Laws and Regulations layout the requirements for their collection and management. Tennessee Tech strives to conserve resources and recycle waste materials using cost effective and sound management practices. Unless other arrangements are made for legal disposal (i.e. food service grease collection), these materials, including vegetable and other 'biodegradable' oils, must be disposed of through the Environmental Health and Safety office.

The used oil is collected to a central point and recycled with a licensed contractor on a regular basis.

It is the responsibility of the generator to collect and handle used oil appropriately and safely. To avoid confusion and possible contamination, used oil is to be stored by means that will prevent the accidental mixing with any other regulated waste. If the oil is contaminated it can not be recycled and must be disposed of as Hazardous Waste. Storage containers for used oil must be in good condition with no severe rusting, apparent structural defects, deterioration or leaks. Regulations require that containers of used oil must be labeled or marked clearly with the words "Used Oil". Provisions must be made to handle incidental releases, for example, a spill-control kit, floor-dri, sand or similar absorbent material can be used. In instances where used oil is stored in an above ground tank or in 55 gallon drums, secondary containment must be used. To arrange for disposal of used oil contact Environmental Health and Safety, or email a Hazardous Waste Disposal Form.


When changing the oil filter drain the old one by punching an air hole in the top and draining for a minimum of 12 hours if it is hot or 24 hours if it is cold. Dispose of the oil filter only after it has been properly drained. Due to the presence of Benzene, a regulated constituent in gasoline, filters are to be collected as Hazardous Waste and disposed through Environmental Health and Safety.

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