Financial Hardship

Where to start...?

When an unexpected financial hardship occurs, you can find yourself unsure of where to start and what the next steps should be to overcome such challenge.

First, ask yourself:
  • Is this a new hardship or something previously known?
  • How long do I expect this hardship to last? Immediate? Temporary? Long-term?
  • What resources have I already looked into?
  • What specifically will get me through this hardship?

If this is a new hardship or a new level of hardship, you should start with Tech's Office of Financial Aid. Significant changes in financial circumstances for you or your family may help you qualify for reconsideration of your financial aid package. Our Financial Aid team can review your aid and discuss possible options.

Please Note: Aid options may include new or additional loan opportunities. Loans can be an invaluable resource for students. By choosing not to take on educational debt does not constitute a financial hardship.

Office of Financial Aid

Jere Whitson Bldg
Room 301
(931) 372-3073


Additional Resources

Food, Shelter, Transportation, & Emergency Assistance Guidance & Support