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Who Should Confirm Enrollment?

All students must confirm enrollment by the applicable deadline each semester in order to retain his/her schedule. Enrollment confirmation is necessary even if your fees are fully covered by a scholarship, graduate assistantship, loan, or other financial aid. Failure to confirm enrollment by the deadline will result in schedule cancellation.

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How to Confirm Your Enrollment

Confirm your enrollment using Eagle Online.



If you have a balance due and you pay the entire amount (or the minimum amount if on the deferred payment plan) with cash, check, or credit card, your schedule will be automatically confirmed by the system. See follow-up Step 4 below.
If your balance is zero or less than zero (credit balance) due to scholarships, assistantships, loans, or other financial aid, you must follow Steps 1-4 outlined below in order to confirm your enrollment. Confirm Enrollment Instructions (Full Financial Aid).
Eagle Online


  • Step 1 - Log in to Eagle Online

    • From the Tennessee Tech home page, select Tech Express from the Express menu at the top right of the page.

    • Select Eagle Online from the quick links bar or favorites menu.

  • Step 2 - Access and Review Your Student Account

    • From the Main Menu, select Student

    • From the Student Menu, select Student Account

    • From the Student Account Menu, select Account Detail for Term/Confirm Enrollment/Direct Deposit/Deferred Payment Plan/Credit Card or Electronic Check Payment

    • Select the appropriate term and click Submit

  • Step 3 - Proceed to Confirm Your Enrollment


    On the Account Detail for Term page, you will actually confirm your enrollment.

    If you click on " Yes, I will attend..." and sufficient aid to cover all fees has been credited to your student account, your enrollment will be confirmed. If the confirmation is successful, you will receive an immediate response message with a confirmation number indicating you enrollment has been confirmed. Please print and retain this number for your personal records. If you do not receive this response message, your enrollment has not been confirmed. A link will be provided for you to view your enrollment status if you so choose.

    If you click on " Yes, I will attend..." and the system directs you to Eagle Pay to pay your fees, this means the system recognizes an outstanding balance that must be paid. Your enrollment is not confirmed until such fees are paid.

    Important Note: If you have enough financial aid to cover your balance, the system will give you a 6 character confirmation number. Please keep this number for future reference. If you still have a balance you will be directed to our 3rd party payment site to make a payment or enroll in (for Fall and Spring semester) our deferred payment plan. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION NUMBER AT THIS POINT YOU WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU HAVE PAID YOUR BALANCE IN FULL OR ENROLLED IN THE DEFERRED PAYMENT PLAN.

  • Step 4 - Follow Up

    After paying your fees and/or confirming your enrollment, you should always follow-up by logging back into your account via Eagle Online. If your enrollment is confirmed, the Account Detail for Term page will display the message "Your schedule is confirmed." If you do not see this message displayed, your enrollment is not confirmed, you should review your account further.


If you have selected a schedule but decide, prior to confirming your enrollment, that you will not attend, you may click on "No, I will not be attending..." Your course selections will be deleted from the system.

Students who pay fees and/or confirm enrollment by the deadline but decide not to attend must officially withdraw from the University by notifying the Registrar's Office at (931) 372-3317 or Fax (931) 372-6111.


If you have questions regarding the online confirmation procedure, please contact the Business Office by phone at 1-800-416-0151 or (931) 372-3311 or by email to

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