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Refund Distribution Methods:

Refunds are distributed back to the student in three ways:


  • Credits are issued back to the credit/debit card used to pay on the students account unless the credit balance is a result of Federal Title IV Funds. This is done in a Last-In First-Out (LIFO) method when multiple credit card payments are used to pay on the student account during a semester. Credit card refunds can take up to 10 to 14 business days to show up on card being refunded.


  • The University will now be disbursing all excess aid and other refunds to students electronically. Your excess aid/refund will be applied directly to your bank account via direct deposit instead of issuing a paper check. This will eliminate having to wait in line later in the semester to pick up a check, and it will also speed up the process of distributing any excess aid/refunds throughout the semester. Please download the direct deposit instructions for the details of entering your banking information into our system.
  • Make sure the banking information entered is correct to avoid delays in receiving funds. We will notify each student via Tennessee Tech email each time a refund is processed. Be assured the direct deposit process involves only deposits into your bank account. The University will not withdraw funds from your account. Furthermore, there is no cost associated with direct deposit.



  • The University requires that students sign up for direct deposit of excess aid/refunds. This allows the University to deliver funds electronically to a bank account appointed by the student. If a student fails to comply with this requirement and it is necessary to deliver funds by paper check, these checks will be made available beginning approximately 14 days after the beginning of classes.
  • Checks for credit balances resulting from financial aid and other awards will be distributed as follows: Derryberry Hall Room 100. Normally, checks are processed on Thursday of each week. Usually, a check will be ready to be picked up within two weeks after the financial aid or award has been applied to the student's account.
  • Once the check has been processed, the student will be notified by email and can obtain the check in the Derryberry Hall Business Office reception area, Room 100 during normal office hours. You must present a picture ID and you will be required to sign for your check. To avoid having to pick up a check, make sure you sign up for Direct DepositStudent checks not picked up within 21 days will be immediately mailed to the student's address of record.

Refund Procedures:

Federal Aid/Title IV money is distributed back to the student by direct deposit or paper check if no electronic banking information is available on file.

Current semester credits (other than Federal Aid/Title IV) are refunded first back to credit/debit card payments, then by direct deposit or paper check payable to the student.

Prior semester credits are refunded by direct deposit or paper check payable to the student.


Refund Policies:

  • Fees & Tuition Refund Policy

    Fee refund and adjustment policies for maintenance fees, out-of-state tuition, program service fees, online fees, refundable special course fees, and special academic fees.

    Changes in a student's status which may require a refund include:

    1. Dropping a course or courses.
    2. Withdrawing from the University.
    3. Cancellation of a class by the University.
    4. Death of the student.

    Equal exchange of courses
    Schedule changes involving the dropping and adding of an equal number of equivalent level student credit hours at the same time for the same term within the same campus program required no refund or assessment of additional maintenance fees; however, adjustment of related special course fees or lab fees may be required. Schedule changes between campus courses and TN eCampus courses, College of Business Online Graduate courses, Nursing MSN courses, and courses in the supplemental part-of-term are not equal exchanges .

    To withdraw and apply for a refund, if applicable, students must file a formal application for withdrawal with either the Registrar's Office or the Office of Extended Programs. Withdrawals will be effective from the date the formal application for withdrawal is filed.

    Refund (fee adjustment) percentages
    Fees as referenced below do not necessarily correspond to payments on the student account.

    1. 100% of fees will be refunded for drops or withdrawals prior to the first official day of the term. When the first day of classes falls on a Saturday, the 100% refund period is extended through the weekend until the following Monday morning (12:01 am).
    2. 75% of fees will be refunded for drops or withdrawals from the first official day of the term through the fourteenth calendar day of the term or within an equivalent period for the summer sessions and other short term courses.
    3. 25% of fees will be refunded for drops or withdrawals following expiration of the 75% period for a period of time extending 25% of the length of the term.
    4. No refunds will be made beyond the 25% period.
    5. 100% of fees will be refunded for classes canceled by the institution.
    6. Pursuant to TCA 49-7-2301 and 49-7-2302, students called to active military or National Guard service during the semester are entitled to 100% adjustment or credit of mandatory fees.
    7. A 100% refund will be provided on behalf of a student whose death occurs during the term.

    To review current semester refund deadline dates, access the Student Account calendar here.

    Refund calculation
    Per Tennessee Tech Policy 511.1, "the fee adjustment is calculated as the difference between (1) the per credit hour cost of originally enrolled hours and (2) the per hour cost of the courses at final enrollment after adjustments have been applied for all courses dropped. Adjustments are calculated at the full per credit hour rate less the fee adjustment credit at the applicable fee adjustment percentage (regardless of the original number of hours enrolled). Not all drops/withdrawals will result in a fee adjustment."

    Appeals process
    Students requesting the review of a refund policy decision due to exceptional circumstances may submit an appeal to the Fee Refund Committee. View the Fee Refund Appeal Policy and download an appeal form. 

    Student Fee Refund Request Form

  • Residence Hall Rent and Deposit Refund Policy
  • Meal Plan Refund Policy


    Meal plan changes must be updated on the Eagle Card ID before any refund will be processed.

    1. Selection Change: Students have the option of changing a meal plan selection one time during the first two weeks of each semester without a refund penalty. Students opting for a more extensive meal plan are obligated to pay the difference in price. For freshman dormitory residents who are required to have a meal plan, selection changes are limited to the qualifying mandatory plans.
    2. Cancellation of meal plan by student: Beginning with the day residence halls officially open for the semester, meal plan charges will be refunded according to the following schedule. Percentage amounts are calculated based upon the total cost of the plan with the used portion then deducted from the percentage calculation.
      • First 14 days - 100% less used meal and dining dollars.
      • 15 days - 22 days - 75% less used dining dollars.
      • 23 days -30 days - 25% less used dining dollars.
      • After 30 days - 0% refund.
    3. Move from residence hall to Tech Village apartment: The same refund schedule noted above will be followed for students who choose to move from the residence hall to a Tech Village apartment and choose to also delete their meal plan.
    4. Death of student: 100% of the meal plan charge will be refunded on behalf of a student whose death occurs during the term.
    5. Exceptions: Exceptions to the above stated meal plan refund policy will be at the discretion of Dining Services.

  • Credit Balances

    All refunds, with the exception of Parent Plus and Alternative loans, will be made by credit card, direct deposit or by check payable to the student. With processing costs estimated to exceed the value of the check, no refunds for $0.99 or less will be issued unless specifically requested.


NOTE: Fees, conditions of assessment, and refund policies are subject to change without prior notice by action of the Tennessee Tech Board of Trustees.

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