School of Environmental Studies

What Can You Do With A Degree in Environmental Studies?

The sky's the limit! There are many different areas that Environmental Studies majors go into after they graduate from Tennessee Tech University. Here are a few examples:

  • Environmental Remediation and Compliance:
    • Remediation, Auditing, Air and Water Pollution.

     Environmental Remediation and Compliance Photo showing pollution

  •  Air or Water Quality Management:
    • Laboratory Analysis, Watershed Management, Stream Restoration, Sustainable Infrastructure, Permitting.

     Air or Water Quality Management Photo showing an aerial view of a river

  •  Conservation Planning:
    • Natural Resource Planning, Transportation Planning, Recreation Management, Building/Zoning, Park Management.

     Conservation Planning Photo showing a lake coast

  • Environmental Education and Communication:
    • Teaching, Technical Writing, Editing for Publishers, Public Relations, Nature Photography,  Journalism.

     Environmental Education and Communication Photo showing a teacher and student

  • Environmental Law:
    • Political Action, Lobbying, Science Policy, Regulatory Affairs, Patent Law, Environmental Law, Non-profit, Mediation.

     Environmental Law Photo showing two officials in an office

  • Waste Management:
    • Risk Assessment, Quality Control, Recycling, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Hygiene,  Public and Environmental Health.

     Waste Management Photo showing a worker standing in a marsh

Prospective Employers Pertaining to Environmental Studies

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