Mechanical Engineering

Research Focus Areas


 Examples of Faculty Research

Automotive Innovation

The main research focuses on modeling, diagnostics, controls, and optimizations of various automotive systems including conventional/hybrid/electric powertrains, internal combustion engines, emissions control systems, sensors, autonomous vehicles, and advanced engine combustion with alternative/renewable fuels.

Automotive Innovation

Dynamic & Smart Systems

Research in this laboratory explores various smart materials (piezoelectric, thermoelectric, solar, electroactive polymers, etc.) for energy harvesting, structural health monitoring, sensing, and actuation. Thrust areas include self-powered biomedical sensing, real-time state detection, and piezoelectric energy harvesting. Additionally, we are interested more broadly in vibrations, structural dynamics, and modal analysis.

Dynamic & Smart Systems

Fluid Mechanics

In this lab, we develop numerical simulations and analytical models in concert with laboratory and field experiments, seeking to deepen the understanding of fluid mechanics for more accurate prediction and control of flows for engineering applications.

Fluid Mechanics

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