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Staying Ahead of the Challenge

In order for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Tech University to maintain its vision for outstanding education and research, it is important for our students to have state-of-the-art equipment in their learning laboratories. We are asking you to support our ME Laboratory Improvement Fund. 

Upgrading our learning laboratories will help the department continue to achieve the College of Engineering's vision to educate 21st Century Renaissance Engineers. With your commitment and willingness to provide your commitment and willingness to provide support, whatever your gift size, we know we can prepare our current and future students to be successful, innovative engineers who solve societal problems. We encourage you to contribute to specific laboratory needs or in honor of a professor, and identify what you wish for your gift to support.

Lab Needs

Dynamic Modeling and Controls Lab

  • Vibration Fundamentals Training System
  • Rotating Machinery Diagnostics and Analysis System

Measurements Lab

  • NI MyDaq Portable Measurement and Instrumentation Devices
  • Triple Linear Variable DC Dual Power Supply Units
  • Aluminum Breadboard Taps
  • Translation Stage Adjusters
  • Digital Indicator
  • Laster Interferometer Kits

Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop

  • CNC Machine Model HURCO TM18

Thermal Design Lab

  • Transient Hot Wire (THW) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter
  • THW Liquid Thermal Conductivity Measuring Unit
  • THW Thermostat for High Temperature

Senior Capstone Design Lab

  • Laser cutting, engraving and marking system