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Waitlisting Courses

The Waitlist option in Eagle Online (i.e., Self-Service Banner) allows students to self-select onto an automated waitlist for a course section during the registration process. The set-up for a course’s waitlist is maintained through the Office of the Registrar, is first-come, first served and fully automated, so students do not need to email, call or visit academic departments to get on the waitlist!


How Does It Work?

Once a class section has reached enrollment capacity as indicated with Eagle Online, any student that attempts to register using a CRN (Course Registration Number) for that closed section is prompted if they would like to be placed on a waiting list for that course section. If a student answers “yes”, they are placed on the waitlist and that information is immediately visible in their student record (under Registration History and Student Schedule).

When an open seat becomes available in a section, the open seat is linked to the T number of the first eligible student on the waitlist. That student will receive an automatically generated email from Eagle Online to their Tennessee Tech email alerting them. Once a waitlist notification email is sent, students have exactly 24 hours to claim the open spot before they are dropped from the waitlist and the seat is offered to the next student on the list.

Tutorial on Using Waitlists in Eagle Online

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