Registrar's Office


The Records Office provides various types of support to students including accessing transcripts, assistance with GPA and grades, change of majors, enrollment verification, and so forth. If you have any questions or concerns at any time about your student records, information, or privacy, please contact us so we can help answer those questions and resolve any concerns!

Records Services

  • Academic Standing

    Academic Standing Information

    For information regarding warning, probation, suspension, and who to contact, click below. 

    Academic Standing

  • Catalogs, Course Information &  Schedules


    View the undergraduate catalog, general education core curriculum, graduate catalog, and archived catalogs.

     Course Info

     View course information for specifics on course codes for each college. You can also view the course loads for undergraduate, graduate, international, and graduate assistant students as well as permissible course loads for normal, maximum, and probationary course loads. 

    Course Info


    View the final exam schedule for the current term or future semesters. 

    Final Exam Schedules

    View the sorted class schedule for a more customized approach. 


  • Changing a Major, Minor, Concentration, or Program

    Needing to make a change to your program?

    Just follow these simple steps! 

    1. You, the student, will need to meet with the advisor/department of the new program you wish to pursue. Check out PeopleFinder where you can search by department to find out with whom you need to get in contact!
    2. The new advisor/department will login to Banner Self-Service and initiate the change.
    3. Once submitted, you will immediately receive an email in your email account (only) advising you to login to your Eagle Online account and approve the request. You will have 48 hours to make this approval, otherwise the request is cancelled if not approved within the 48 hour window. Once you approve the request, your current advisor receives a notification email which s/he has 72 hours to acknowledge. 
    4. Following the acknowledgment of the current advisor or the expiry of the 72 hour window, Records is notified electronically of the request and updates the request in the system accordingly. Both you and your new advisor will be notified when the change is complete! 

  • Enrollment Verification

    Enrollment Verification

    View how to verify your enrollment. 


  • Grades & GPA 


    View the grading system and how to access your grades online. 



    Learn how GPAs are calculated, as well as what GPA is required for Dean's List, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude. 


    Learn about the different types of GPA and how they are used by viewing the GPA Chart and additional GPA details. 


  • Information Release Authorizations

    Tennessee Tech does not release information contained in your education records to family members, other people, or agencies without your written consent. If you wish to give permission for another person or agency to access your records, complete a release in Tech Express by clicking the green Information Release Authorization button under your profile. 

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  • Minors

    Minors Listing

    To view a list of minors click below.


  • Student Information Changes

    How to Change/Update Your Student Information

    View how to make updates and change your name, social security number and address.  

    Information Changes

  • TN Reverse Transfer

    Credit When It's Due

    The Tennessee Reverse Transfer Program is a process that allows transfer students who are currently attending a four-year school to combine four-year college credits with community college credits to receive an associate degree. 

    TN Reverse Transfer