Research Lab Directory

Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Groups and Laboratories
  • Embedded Systems Design, Brown Hall 411
  • Wireless Network Systems, Clement Hall 400
  • Electric Machines and Power Electronics, Brown Hall 412
  • Smart Grid
  • Power Transmission
  • Intelligent Robotic and Energy Systems
  • Instrumentation and Sensor, Brown Hall 409
  • Advanced Systems and Robotics, Brown Hall 408B
  • Bio/Opto/Nanotech Device (BOND), Prescott Hall 120
  • Extreme Environment Electronics
Instructional Laboratories
  • Control Systems Lab, Brown Hall 410
  • DENSO Power and Energy Lab, Prescott Hall 441
  • Telecommunications and Signal Processing Lab, Prescott Hall 437
  • DENSO Capstone Design Lab, Brown Hall 408
  • Electronics Shop, Brown Hall 414B
  • IT Shop, Brown Hall 414A
  • Machine Shop, Prescott Hall 120B
  • IEEE Student Office, Brown Hall 234

Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

  • Computer Numerical Control
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Machining
  • Metal Casting
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Welding

Mechanical Engineering

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