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Forms for Students

Records Forms

Click the links below to find fillable forms online to make any necessary changes or requests you need. Just be sure that once you've completed all the fillable areas, you still complete a physical signature on the form and physically fill in any other applicable areas. 

  • Student Records Forms

    Click here to change your permanent address with the University. If needing to update any other address type, you can do so via your Eagle Online account. 

    If you are a permanent employee, please contact Human Resource Services to change your addresses.

    Change of Address

    If your name or social security name have changed (or even both!), you can fill out the form below to make this change. Just be sure to attach the required documentation when submitting the form. 


    If you'd like to change your preferred first name, click the preferred name change link below. Preferred names apply to the first name only and do not replace a legal name change. 

    Preferred Name Change

    Click the link below to submit a request for a letter of good standing. Be sure to let us know on the form where you'd like us to send it to for you!

    Letter of Good Standing 

    Need to take a look at your records with the University? The link below will refer you to our office's official form for making the request. 

    Review & Inspect Records


  • Academic Fresh Start

    Academic Fresh Start is a plan of academic forgiveness offered to persons who have been separated from all higher education
    institutions for a minimum of four calendar years. At the time of admission or readmission to Tennessee Tech University, but prior to the completion of 15 hours of degree coursework, a student must complete the Academic Fresh Start application form and return it to the Office of the Registrar to qualify for Fresh Start.

    Ready to apply? Just click the link below to get started! 

    Fresh Start

  • Credit by Special Examination

    Click the link below for the Application for Credit by Special Examination.

    Credit by Exam

  • Request for Exception to University Requirement

     If needing to request special permission to a University policy, the Request for Exception form is typically the form that is needed. You can always check with your advisor or the Office of the Registrar if you are not sure if this is the form you need. Just be sure that if you do decide to complete and submit this form, you attach valid documentation to the request, otherwise it will not be reviewed. The form lists what is considered valid documentation for your reference. 

    Students submitting a Request for Exception to University Policy are subject to University Policies regarding Course Drop and/or Withdrawals. Please note that the submission of a request will not act as a withdrawal from ongoing classes. The following issues cannot be addressed via Request for Exception:

    • Disputes regarding the denial of Financial Aid or the amount awarded. Contact Financial Aid directly.
    • Complaints about class instruction or curriculum. Contact the relevant Academic Department.

    **Please also note that there is a separate request form for graduate students. 

    For questions or guidance with this form, please contact the Office of the Registrar directly.




  • Pass/Fail


    The Pass/Fail option is available to all special undergraduate students including all full-time employees of the University pursuant to Chapter 191 of the Public Acts of 1975 and its guidelines for administration effective July 1, 1985.

    Course prerequisites may be waived for students electing the Pass/Fail option at the discretion of the instructor. The minimum requirements for a grade of “D” are necessary for a “pass” (P). A course passed under the Pass/Fail system may NOT be credited toward a degree. The instructor acknowledges the grade option for a student by signing the Pass /Fail option form.

    The Pass/Fail option form will not be accepted later than the last day to add courses as published in the Online Calendar.

    Pass/Fail Form

Registration Forms

  • Add/Drop, Audit, Overload, Special Topics, and Special Request Forms

    Add/Drop forms are required after the 14th day of classes (just keep in mind Summer terms will need a form usually after the 7th day of classes). 

    When dropping a course, be sure to get the signature of your advisor and any other special signatures that might be relative to you (i.e. if you are an athlete, you will need your athletic advisor's signature!). 

    When adding a course (or courses), you will need to get the signature of both your advisor and the instructor(s) of the course(s). You may even need to get the signature of Business Office, especially if you were purged from your classes and are attempting to add them back to your schedule. 


    The Audit Permit form will not be accepted later than the last day to add courses at the beginning of each semester as stated in the University Catalog. Students who audit are expected to attend class but are not required to hand in assignments or take
    examinations. Audit students are enrolled in classes on a non- credit basis but must be admitted to the University as regular or special students. Fees for audit courses are the same as those for credit course. Auditors are listed on grade rosters, but no grade is given.

    Audit Permit

    Missed the deadline to drop with a "W" because of an emergency? It happens. Just submit the form below, along with valid documentation supporting the emergency. Please note that a change of major does not constitute an extenuating circumstance. For full details to see if you might qualify for this type of request, click here to view the Catalog. 

    Keep in mind this form only applies to the current term and will not be accepted after the last day of class.

    Drop after the Deadline

    Want to retake a course you have already passed previously but want to revisit the content of the course for a better understanding? Just fill out this form and send it in.

    This form is to be completed only for courses in which a grade of B or better has been earned.

    Repeat a B Grade or Better

    Occasionally multiple special topics courses are needed, but usually a registration error occurs as the system cannot always distinguish that one of the courses is actually different from another course you have currently or previously registered for. Click below to view the Special Topics form. 

    Special Topics

    Maximum hours for a regular fall or spring term is 20 credit hours for students in good standing. Needing more hours to meet that graduation goal? Fill out the Student Overload form below and get signatures for approval!

    Student Overload


  • Graduate & Undergraduate Credit Request Forms

    If you need graduate-level coursework to count for your undergraduate degree program, this may be the form for you. 

    Fast Track

    To request graduate or undergraduate credit for a course you plan to take, click the link below for the form on Graduate Studies' webpage. 

    Graduate Course for UG/GR Credit

  • Immunization Waiver Form (online students only)

    Students who are enrolled in ONLY ONLINE classes, including Tennessee Tech online and TN eCampus courses, are exempt from immunization requirements. To request this exemption, complete this form and send to the Office of the Registrar.

    This form must be completed each semester for which the exemption is being requested.

    Immunization Waiver

Graduation Forms

Fees Forms

  • Fee Refund Request

     In order to request a refund of fees, you'll need to complete the form below by clicking the link. Just be sure that you have an extenuating circumstance justifying the request, and attach valid documentation regarding the situation to the request. 

    Fee Refund

  • Special Program Fee Discount

    Permanently, totally disabled persons or persons 60 years of age or older who are domiciled in Tennessee may audit courses without paying tuition, maintenance fees, or general access fess as long as classroom space is available. Participants must pay the application fee and any special activity fees associated with courses. Program participants may begin to register four weeks prior to classes beginning. Proof of permanent total disability or age will be required at the time of registration and enrollment confirmation.

    Students who audit are expected to attend class but are not required to hand in assignments or to take examinations.
    They are enrolled in classes on a non-credit basis but must be admitted to the University as special students.

    This form will not be accepted later than the last day to add a course(s) at the beginning of each semester as stated on the
    University Calendar. 

    Fee Discount

  • Permission to Continue Tennessee Lottery after Dropping

     If you need to make an appeal with regard to losing Lottery funds, and you had an emergency that would justify an exception for you, submit this form along with valid documentation. 

    TEL Drop form