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Engineers, computer scientists and engineering technologists are problem-solvers who use creativity to turn inventions into innovations. They are complex-problem solvers who build machines and develop software and systems that power our everyday lives. The College of Engineering at Tennessee Tech prepares students for careers that help shape the future and advance human kind.

Objectives of educating engineers, computer scientist and technologists at Tech include the mastery of mathematical, scientific, mechanical, and professional knowledge specific to the student’s major concentration. It is also the acquisition of experience in decision making through the analysis and resolution of problems. Students are taught to hone an awareness of societal, ecological, and economical needs of their disciplines, as well as adhere to high ethical standards.

Senior-level classes concentrate on collaboration in teams to design, construct, and test innovations. Graduate-level students are involved in research, development, and instruction to further their knowledge and skills. Students who earn degrees from the College of Engineering at Tech are in high-demand in government, organizations and private firms. Most become managers or supervisors, with many advancing to roles in upper management as CEO’s and other positions.

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