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Check Your CPoS

To check your Course Program of Study (CPoS) status, you will log into your Eagle Online account. Here is some further guidance on how to check your CPoS/degree audit status:

Log into Eagle Online

  1. Go to Tech Express and click on the Eagle Online app
  2. Go to the Financial Aid tab
  3. Go to the last option that says, “CPOS – Course Program of Study”
  4. Put in the current term, example:  Fall Term 2022

This will retrieve your course program of study information for the term. 

If a course is not eligible in your program, there will be a “NO” under “Eligible Course*”. 

Please contact your advisor immediately to review what classes are required for your program.  

Step by Step Instructions

  • Log into Eagle Online, go to the Financial Aid tab, then to the CPOS link:

Go to the Financial Aid tab

  • This example is using the Fall 2019 term.  Pick the term you are checking from the drop down list.
  • Select the term and click submit.

Select the term you are checking

  •  Your audit will look something like this:

Review your schedule for CPoS compliance

Remember: contact your Advisor to make sure you are in a course that will count toward your program.

The Financial Aid Office cannot change your schedule or advise you of what courses will make you in compliance with the Department of Education CPoS rules. Only your Advisor can assist you with this.

CPoS Frequently Asked Questions

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