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  • Academic Year Definition

    Tennessee Tech University's Academic Year consists of a 15-week Fall and a 15-week Spring semester with a 10-week Summer semester acting as a trailer to the Academic Year.  The full academic year is 24 credit hours and 30 weeks long.

    • Fall semester courses typically run from mid-August through early December.
    • Spring semester courses typically run from mid-January through early May.
    • Summer courses typically run from early June through early August.  

  • PELL Grant Formula used by Tennessee Tech University

    Tennessee Tech uses Formula 1: standard term programs with academic calendars of 30+ weeks:

    • Must have an academic calendar that consists of standard terms; two semesters or trimesters, or three quarters—in the fall through spring;
    • Must have at least 30 weeks of instructional time in fall through spring terms;
    • Must not have overlapping terms; and
    • Must define full-time enrollment for each term in the award year as at least 12 credit hours and must measure progress in credit hours.

    The term is the payment period, and the student’s award is divided by the number of terms in the program’s academic year.

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