Student Success Centers

Advising and Registration Resources for Students

Registration Resources:

  • Eagle Online - Eagle Online is the registration system that all Tech students will use to register for classes. Admitted and enrolled students may access Eagle Online through the TechExpress portal (locate the "Eagle" icon).
    • For non-admitted/enrolled users, please visit the following url to access historical course offerings and course search -
  • Degree Works - Degree Works is an online degree audit system that shows students how the courses they have already taken or in the process of taking work for their major. Students can also plan "what if" scenarios to see how their courses would fit into another major. This tool is located in Eagle Online under Students - Student Records - Degree Works. For more information about Degree Works or how to use it, click here.
  • Course Program of Study (CPoS)Course Program of Study is a federal requirement that allows only courses that count toward a student's program of study (your declared major/minor) be considered when determining federal financial aid eligibility. Click the link to learn more about CPoS and review frequently asked questions before you register for classes.
  • Class Schedule - Eagle Online - To see a listing of available courses for this semester or the upcoming semesters use the class schedule link within Eagle Online.
  • Schedule Planner - Schedule Planner is a tool that students can use to help them plan their schedules. The tool is located in Eagle Online under Students - Registration - Schedule Planner. For an instructions on how to use the tool, click on the link.
  • Know what Course Sections are and how some are restricted for specific student groups, types, or majors. We have condensed these down for you here as a quick guide to reference when examining which courses you are eligible to enroll in each semester.
  • Course Waitlists - Once a class section has reached enrollment capacity, a student may be placed on a "waiting list" in case a "seat" becomes available. For more information and a video regarding how to Waitlist a closed/full course, click the following link -
  • Registration Errors - Did you receive an error when trying to register? If so, visit to learn more about the error and what steps to take to resolve it.
  • Registration Holds - Do you have a HOLD that is not allowing you to register for classes? Visit to learn why you have the registration HOLD and who to contact to resolve it.
  • Undergraduate Catalog - The Undergraduate Catalog provides students with current information about academic policies and procedures as well as curricular information for their major.
  • Registration-related Forms - The Office of the Registrar assists students with registration related issues such as add/drop forms, change of major forms, request for exception to University Policy, and more. Click on the link to see a list of frequently used forms.

Other Academic Resources:

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