Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library

Statistics & Reports


history of collection budget allocation and spending

Checkout / Circulation

circulation of materials by item type, patron type, and call number


survey results and summary of library material holdings

Document Delivery (GIN, ILL)

Get It Now and Interlibrary Loan statistics

Gate Count

number of people entering the library broken down by month


data on number of sessions, number of users reached, and audience type

Online Usage

usage data for the library website, EagleSearch, RefWorks, and social media

Patron Assistance

usage data for reference and notary services

Scantron Service

      data for total sheets scanned by unique class, professor, and department

Study Rooms

data for study room usage in the library

Student Workers

student hours worked and money spent


data on printing usage and equipment checkout

Testing (TLC)

data on exams, exam types, total examination hours, by department, and survey results

Tutoring (Learning Center)

tutoring stats by subject, including visits and duration, plus tutee evaluations

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